Amusement Park Hacks

About the Book

by Mike | June 10, 2017 | 7 Minute Read

The second book in the Park Hacks series, Amusement Park Hacks, is well underway. This is a completely new book written to share valuable tips and advice to families. If you liked Kings Island Park Hacks, or if you love the amusement park near you, this book is filled with tips, tricks, behavior adjustments... a.k.a. Park Hacks that will help you maximize your time, save you money, and help your whole family enjoy a better amusement park experience!

The History

I (Mike) grew up living in Northeast Ohio and going to Walt Disney World for family vacations. In the 1980s, I read the Steve Birnbaum Official Guide to Walt Disney World and became our family expert and tour guide of the park. I also grew up enjoying Cedar Point, Kings Island, Geauga Lake, Busch Gardens, Hershey Park and others!

I now live very near Kings Island. My wife and I take our three kids frequently. Being close enough to take advantage of a season pass is great. We see the park with a lot more subtlety. We have the opportunity to try new things and catch those moments when the weather is perfect and the crowds are light.

I tell the whole story of how the idea of creating the first KIPH book and blog on the Kings Island Park Hacks site.

The Book

Following the launch of the Kings Island-specific community of park hackers, I thought, "What next?" The book has a lot of great advice, but it was narrowly focused at one specific park. Among amusement parks there is a great deal of similarity. The obvious next step was to develop the next Park Hacks book, bringing these ideas and more to people who like amusement parks wherever they live!

I needed a wider perspective to better serve the Park Hacker community. That's when I enlisted the help of Krystal. Krystal Curtis is a young mother with two small boys. She is also a long-time fan of Kings Island and amusement parks in general. Since the launch, she has been one of the enthusiastic participants in the Park Hacker community. She posted helpful comments. She was a big part of my KIPH launch team. In addition to her love of sharing park tips, she also provides another perspective that adds a great deal of value. I was very pleased to have her join as my collaborating writer.


The book's content is taking shape nicely. There are more sections and a lot of new valuable tips on the way. Now is the time that Krystal and I would like to add more value! I (Mike) constantly study how the best non-fiction authors create helpful books for their audiences. I read articles, listen to interviews, and watch webinars put on by leading authors all the time. (I want to get good at this.) The advice that is repeated over and over, is not to write something, release it and then see if anyone wants it. A lot of people write put in tons of work to find out that no one is interested. The best books are crafted by asking and polling and constantly adjusting to make sure that they nail the points that people realy want.

I'm announcing the application for the Amusement Park Hacker "Street Team." Once this post is up, you're welcome to apply. If you decide this is something you'd like to do and can commit to, go ahead and apply!

If this isn't your thing, but you have someone in mind who is really into their local amusement park, please use this referral form. If they sign on and participate, I'll send you a FREE paperback copy of the resulting book, as a way of saying "thanks!" (The $15 paperback book is free for you, plus a modest S&H fee of $4.95.)

APH Street Team

What is the Street Team? - The street team is made up of Park Hackers who know the other parks around the country as well as Krystal and I know Kings Island. You are, or are willing to become, an enthusastic part of the Park Hacker community. You will get access to read our pre-release copy of the book and give feedback, additional tips and include information specific to your park. This is your chance to make sure your favorite park is properly represented. You can share things that we don't know about "your" park. We want to include your expertise.

What do I get if I participate? - I'm glad you asked. If you're willing to commit, I'll want you to have a little skin in the game, but I'll also make it worth your while. You will need to commit to purchasing the pre-order Kindle version of the book, for about $10. If you follow-through and participate in the group, you will get two paperback copies of Amusement Park Hacks, when it is released later this Summer. You will also be listed in the section of the book when we recognize the special contribution from the street team.

OK! What do I have to do? - You fill out the application. We will select two collaborators for each park. You should be over 18 years of age and actively visiting your park with your family, small children and/or teens. I want to pick people willing to carry out short assignments gathering information about your local park. I hope to find a variety of ages too. Here is a list of what, at this time, I know I'll be needing:

  • You must live in the continental US only. The books are available beyond that, but this offer's scope is limited to contiguous United States.
  • You must agree to purchase a Kindle version of the Amusement Park Hacks book during the pre-order period.
  • You will send me a copy of your receipt to get access to the book's content in advance of its release.
  • You will agree to post a review of the book, on Amazon, within the week of its release.
  • I'll have some requests for information gathering and I'll want you to make a list of all the rides in your park and a little related information, like height requirements. Don't worry about huge assignments. The total participation may be 1-2 hours over a month. We'll keep the assignments in 10-30 minute, weekly tasks. If you know your park well, you won't have much to look up, you will be able to fill in your park's specifics like:
    • food & Meal Plan options
    • seasonal trends
    • special seasonal events, like a Halloween or Christmas theme event
    • descriptions of various shows and live performances
  • When the book launches, you agree to spread the word to your social community. If you want to create an affiliate link and track sales that you bring in, you can get an additional cut of sales from Amazon! I will talk you through how to do that.

If you can commit to those things, then I want you to apply! If you have questions, please email me: mike [at] If you are ready go ahead and fill out the form below!