Amusement Park Hacks

2018 Amusement Park Hacks Now Available!

by Mike | November 21, 2017 | 2 Minute Read

A collection of the best tips and hacks that will help your family avoid crowds, save money and have the best time. Get the most value out of your next amusement park visit.

On Sale Now!

Many of you have been following along as Krystal and me built this new book over the Summer and Fall seasons. We’ve been taking notes in the park, talking to serious amusement park enthusiasts, and even asking some park employees to create a fun and valuable resource. Get it now to take advantage of the special launch and pre-order pricing!

About the Book

The book is designed very differently from the original Park Hacks book. This one is less about stories of personal experience. It is now an organized topical collection of tips. The table of contents is huge. You can jump straight to what you need. The main topics are:

  • Setting your expectations
  • Researching the park that you’ve selected
  • What to bring with you (What to keep on you… what to leave in your car)
  • Managing your family (interests, high-energy and low-energy variations in activity)
  • Learn about types of rides, the major manufacturers and their characteristics
  • Give the many types of excellent live entertainment more of your attention and appreciation
  • Overcoming challenges like fear, nausea, back and joint pain, heavy crowds and weather
  • Prepare for special seasonal events
  • Ways to add your own, additional fun on top of the park experience
  • A large index with links to many of the different amusement parks around North America

Focus Group

Toward the end of the book’s final draft, we invited other amusement park enthusiasts, season passholders, and experts who visit many different parks. They reviewed the manuscript and offered additional perspective and input to ensure that these tips work in other parks. They helped us make a good book even better!

Share with Others

The book is now available on Kindle and paperback. Other formats coming soon. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read it FREE! If you have family who goes to parks, even far away parks, let them know about this resource. You can also lead them to this blog or our Facebook page.

If you know someone who rides all the roller coasters, please point them in our direction. We want them to be involved.