Amusement Park Hacks

The Code
of the Park Hackers

These "hacks" and tips are shared to improve your experience, not to teach you how to cheat the park in any way. The goal is to help you to have a better experience within the park's rules and product offerings.

An amusement park is a business. The management sets rules and price options with a goal to stay in business and to make a profit. If we want the park to remain open and to continually improve, we must ensure that our exploits do not steal from the park, harm the park’s reputation or intrude on the quality of the experience of other visitors.

You should not lie about ages of children, transport illegal or prohibited items or substances into the park. A Park Hacker never uses dishonesty or stresses employees into giving you goods or services that you haven’t purchased. I’ve seen this behavior first-hand and it disgusts me.

My request is that you learn the park rules and policies, learn their price options, make a plan and choose what you want! Be prepared to shift your behavior if conditions and options change. They often do. By staying flexible, reading each situation as early as possible and adapting, will greatly improve your chances to elevate the experience for everyone around you.

Love your neighbor. Pleasant customers get treated far better by employees. If you see something not up to proper standards, there is a way to report it properly. Getting in the face of a stressed and inexperienced teenager will not help anyone. Find a manager and politely make them aware of something that is not in order.